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If you want to learn the technical side of how to film and use your camera, you'll find the best courses to do that here.

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If you want to turn your video skills into a full time job, you will find the best course to help you do that here.

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If you are looking for filmmaking tips to continue learning, you'll find these YouTube filmmakers breakdowns useful.

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Full Time Filmmaker is the Best Online Film Class

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FullTime Filmmaker truly is the ultimate online film school. With a massive library of content, incredible mini-courses bundled in, a best-in-class Facebook group community, and consistent quality updates to their course, this is a no-brainer for anyone that wants to elevate their filmmaking. Both beginners and veterans alike will find something that will benefit them greatly. You can read my full review of this course here.

Top Filmmaking Course Reviews

The 4 Best Online Filmmaking Courses

The 4 Best Online Filmmaking Courses in 2021

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Real Deal Video Strategist Club Review (2021) – Worth it?

This is a review of The Real Deal Video Strategist Club course. As videographers/filmmakers, we are constantly trying to find new ways to improve our …

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How to Become a YouTuber with Sean Cannell

Video Ranking Academy 2.0 Review (2021) – Sean Cannell is All You Need for YouTube Success?

There are new YouTube creators appearing every single day and it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find ways to stand out on the platform. What …

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Tomorrows Filmmakers Review (2021) – Christian Filmmaking?

This is a review of Tomorrows Filmmakers, a Christian Film Academy. I’m constantly trying to find new ways to elevate my filmmaking and when I …

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MZed Pro Review

MZed Pro Review (2021) – Learn Filmmaking For Real!

This is a review of Mzed’s “Mzed Pro” subscription available online. Mzed has joined the online education realm and niched to focus specifically on filmmakers. …

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Learn Filmmaking with Full Time Filmmaker

Full Time Filmmaker Review (2021) – Is It Still Worth it?

This is a review of Parker Walbeck’s course Full Time Filmmaker. Full Time Filmmaker has quickly become one of the number one options when it …

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Latest Filmmaking Articles

14 Day Filmmaker Review (2021) – My Honest Opinion

This is a review of the 14 day filmmaker course by Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo. What if there was a course to teach you …

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How to Manage Money for Videographers and Filmmakers

If you have ever felt you were lost or just guessing when it came to finances for your videography or filmmaking business, I have the …

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Tips On How to Take Online Courses So You Can Learn Faster

You’ve finally found an online course that promises to teach you something that you are wanting to learn. Though even if the course is 14/10 …

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Erika Kullberg’s Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional Course (2021) – Worth It?

This is a review of the course Mastering YouTube for the Busy Professional by Erika Kullberg. Have you thought about becoming a full-time YouTuber or …

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How to Become a YouTuber – Best Courses to Take in 2021

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Best Smartphone Filmmaking Courses to Take in 2021

This is a compilation of the best smartphone filmmaking courses to take in 2021. If you are looking to level up your filmmaking ability with …

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How to Speak On Camera for Content Creators in 2021

This is a recommendation of the Skillshare class How to Speak Confidently on Camera: A Guide for Content Creators by Nathaniel Drew. If you want …

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Social Media Content Strategy Review (2021) – Finally!

This is a review of the Online Social Media Content Strategy course by Rita Cidre. I don’t know why, but it’s so hard to find …

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How Much To Charge for Video Production in 2021

What should you charge your clients for the videos you make in 2021? I have made every mistake in the book when it comes to …

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How to Create a Filmmaking Course Students Love in 2021

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Seth Worley’s Writing 101 Review (2021) – Best Overview!

This is a review of Seth Worley’s Writing 101 course on MZed. Ready to start writing that short film? There are tons of books and …

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The Futur Academy Review (2021) – A Creative’s Best-Kept Secret

This is a review of The Futur’s paid online school called The Futur Academy. The missing piece for many creative professionals is learning the business …

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Who is Behind Online Filmmaking Courses?

Daniel Fayette Vertical Image

Hey there, I'm Daniel!

I discovered my passion for making videos in middle school watching YouTubers like MysteryGuitarMan, Freddie Wong, and Corridor Digital. The problem was I lived in a small town where no one really knew or taught video production. And, at the time, there really weren’t that many online courses on filmmaking yet.

Regardless, I took every online course related to filmmaking I could find and later gradated from film school with a degree in Video Production. But now, there are so many online courses and options for furthering your filmmaking education that it can be very overwhelming.

So, I started Online Filmmaking Courses to help those passionate about making videos and filmmaking easily find the best courses available online. Thank you for stopping by and I hope this site helps you save time & money and become the filmmaker you always dreamed of becoming.