The Best Filmmaking Course for Beginners in 2021

FullTimeFilmmaker is the Best Beginner Film Class

If I could travel back in time to when I picked up my first video camera, and could give myself one filmmaking course, what would I give myself? Well, that course would need to tick a few boxes. On my wishlist of things I’d want it to do would include:

  • Provide me with a full pathway to go from beginner to the next level
  • Help me master my filmmaking skills as fast as possible
  • Give me access to mentorship to ask questions
  • Engaging instructors that are fun to watch

And, that course I would hand my past self would be Full Time Filmmaker.

Full Time Filmmaker is the Best Filmmaking Course for Beginners

Full Time Filmmaker provides the clear pathway to becoming a full time filmmaker. On that journey, you learn the basics, fundamentals, and advanced skills necessary to execute videos from short films, music videos, and a range of other styles that will spark the creative juices in any beginner. The private community is the perfect place to ask questions and get feedback from instructors and students and the instructors themselves are very entertaining to watch. At the beginner’s stage, it can be difficult to overcome the hurdle of getting to the point where doing the thing you are wanting to learn gets fun, but Full Time Filmmaker makes taking a course feel exciting and energizing.

Full Time Filmmaker has put together a free webinar on the Top 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots. You can watch that webinar for free here. If you enjoy that video, then Full Time Filmmaker is definitely a great fit.

I have already written a full review on what makes Full Time Filmmaker a great option for people looking to become filmmakers. But, what makes it uniquely well-positioned for beginners?

Why Full Time Filmmaker for Beginners?

The Clear Path to Learning Filmmaking for Any Style

There are so many questions that a beginner has, regardless of what they are learning. If you are learning to play guitar, you need to learn which guitar to buy, how to tune it, how to hold it, strum, use a pick, and so much more. With filmmaking, there are so many questions to be answered, from what camera to buy, how to setup the camera, how to use lighting, audio equipment, and the list goes on.

Full Time Filmmaker provides you with a clear roadmap that gives you the skills you actually need to have to become proficient in filmmaking. These are skills you’ll need regardless of the types of videos you want to make. As a beginner who is unsure what type of videos they want to make, these are perfect to develop a well-rounded skillset. And, for those that may be set on a particular genre, like short films, they’ll pick up the technical skills to elevate their films to the next level. And, since Full Time Filmmaker has specific modules around different genres, a beginner can easily go to the most relevant section to them and learn what they specifically want to.

Why Not Just Take a Free Online Course? – The Fast Track to Mastering Filmmaking

There are many free courses available for filmmaking and YouTube videos you can watch to learn filmmaking… so why take a paid course? For me, the answer is simple: I am happy to pay for a higher quality product that will get me to where I want to be. I’d personally rather spend hundreds or even thousands on learning materials if that means the quality of instruction will be higher and, value-wise, it is worth it to me. This will obviously be different from person to person. But, from my perspective, the amount of time saved from not saving to search endlessly on YouTube for the right materials, the happier I am learning from someone I know is a pro and who is engaging, and the overall experience of a high-quality online school like Full Time Filmmaker made it an easy decision for me. And, after going through the course, I continue to recommend it, because it is just that good.

Beginners Need Someone to Guide Them

One of the big problems with online courses is the lack of direct feedback or interaction to help mitigate bad habits and to encourage good ones. Just like with learning guitar, setting the habits right from the beginning make it much easier to develop later in your guitar-playing career. So, how does Full Time Filmmaker address this? They have a private community where you can ask questions and get direct feedback from other students and instructors. For many, this is a great place to post work, get helpful critiques, and get encouragement from others.

It is definitely worth noting that this course’s community is easily the best I’ve ever seen. The community is uplifting, encouraging, and helpful. I’m not sure what they have done to accomplish this, but there is not a single negative person in the group. You can see this especially when you see a beginner post their first video they’ve ever made. The comment sections are flooded with encouragement, helpful tips, and good vibes. It’s honestly really cool to see and makes me proud to be part of the Full Time Filmmaker community.

Beginners Need a Great Instructor

My first guitar teacher was awesome. He was engaging, fun to talk with, and made learning fun. I looked forward to every lesson and did my best to practice my homework so he would be blown away by the progress I made.

Full Time Filmmaker is an all-star team great instructors that seem like they would be fun to hang out with. It’s clear they are masters at filmmaking and content creation, as well as communicating educational information, but they are just plain fun to watch. Their YouTube videos are engaging, their course content is fun and to the point, and their social posts are fun.

I’ve always held the idea that you don’t need to always learn from the best to become better. Sometimes you just need the right person to connect with you to gain momentum. Luckily, with Parker Walbeck and his Full Time Filmmaker team, you don’t have to choose between the two.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

For beginners wanting to get into filmmaking seriously, Full Time Filmmaker is the course you have been looking for. You will master filmmaking faster, from beginner to full time filmmaker, with a full community supporting you and an all-star cast of instructors leading the way.

Though, I also understand that, as a beginner, this is an investment. My honest recommendation is, if you are ready to go all-in on learning filmmaking, to purchase this course. And, if you find within 30 days that it wasn’t a good fit, you can use their 30-day money-back guarantee and get a full refund. I’m confident that it is the right choice for you if you are serious about taking filmmaking to the next step, but it is nice to have 30 days to test that out.

Not sure if you are interested yet? Check out the free webinar, the Top 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots, by clicking here. If you like that webinar, then FTF is a great fit for you.

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