The Best Online Film Class for High School Students (2021)

Full Time Filmmaker is the Best Film Class for High School Students

There are so many options available currently for high school students to learn filmmaking. There are free options, there are paid options, online, and in-person. But, what is the best online film class for high school students?

What if there was an online course that could help a high school student decide if filmmaking was right for them, prepare them to make a full-time living doing just filmmaking, and even give them a jumpstart if they decided to pursue filmmaking in higher education?

Enter Full Time Filmmaker.

The Best Online Film Class for High School Students is Fulltime Filmmaker

Full Time Filmmaker is hands-down the best online filmmaking class for high school students. As someone who has went to a 4-year college to study video production, has personally taken Full Time Filmmaker and a number of other online courses, there is nothing better than Full Time Filmmaker. As high school students figure out if filmmaking is right for them, Full Time Filmmaker will teach them the basics, provide the training to make filmmaking a full time job, and give them all the tools and resources to continue to grow beyond high school. For those high school students that want to pursue higher education in filmmaking, taking Full Time Filmmaker will give you the unfair advantage you need to rise above the competition and stand out, opening many more doors for you to join projects that people want a skilled videographer for.

Full Time Filmmaker has put together a free webinar on the Top 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots. You can watch that webinar for free here. If you enjoy that video, then Full Time Filmmaker is definitely a great fit.

I have already written a full review on what makes Full Time Filmmaker a great option for people looking to become filmmakers. But, what makes it uniquely well-positioned for those in high school?

Why Full Time Filmmaker for High School Students?

I’m fortunate enough to have a strong connection to my local high school and regularly visit their film class there. From that class, I’ll find a handful of students that are looking to expand their skillset and evaluate if filmmaking is something that they want to pursue. In almost every case, I recommend Full Time Filmmaker to them.


High school students need to figure out if filmmaking is a good fit for them

They need to learn about the basics, they need to learn about different potential specializations like wedding filmmakers, corporate videographers, and others, and they need to do so from a team of working professionals that have actually made a living doing filmmaking.

The problem with learning on YouTube

The videos are all over the place with no clear transformation or roadmap. I love YouTube – it’s a great place to learn bits and pieces of information and pick up great tips. Full Time Filmmaker, on the other hand, provides even better tips and tricks in a well-structured curriculum so you don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what roadmap will lead you to becoming a full time filmmaker – it’s already laid out for you.

The problem with in-person film schools

Many of them require creative works in order to be admitted and are pricey, especially if the student isn’t sure this is what they want to do. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but I’ve recently helped a high school student apply to film schools and have experienced this first hand. In addition, once you get to a film school, it’s very common for the most skilled videographers to be picked up for projects. So, it’s much better to go into film school, or even a camp, with prior knowledge and a working skillset so you can be put on those teams to get more exposure for projects.

The problem with other online courses

They don’t prepare you to truly become a full-time filmmaker. The bottom line, in my opinion, is this – if you are interested in being a working filmmaker or freelance videographer, Full Time Filmmaker provides you with everything that you need. Even as someone who studied video production for 4 years at college, this is the missing manual that I wish I personally had taken in high school myself. I would have been more confident with a camera, picked up for more shoots at my college, and had a better understanding of the full spectrum of skills that I would need in order to succeed as a filmmaker.

Even with other similar online film classes that you may see regularly advertised – it’s been my experience that they simply do not have the same quality of instruction that Full Time Filmmaker’s team has. The best way to see if you resonate with the style of Full Time Filmmaker is to check out their YouTube channel. If you like their channel, you’ll love their course.

The Cost of Full Time Filmmaker is Low Compared to Tuition

And, the great thing about Full Time Filmmaker is that the cost compared to tuition is extremely low. You can, and many have, completely skip film school and go straight from high school to working full time as a freelancer. I’m currently mentoring someone who is doing just that. And guess what? I recommended Full Time Filmmaker to him. And he has noted it’s one of the best investments he’s ever made.

In fact, in many cases in my mentoring of rising videographers and filmmakers, I love recommending that they watch certain sections or portions of the course to fill in the gaps that they currently have in their skillset.

You Will Have a Community of Support

I live in an area where filmmaking isn’t big. And, in the beginning, I found myself really wishing that there were others interested in film, like me, to connect with. The online community you get when you join Full Time Filmmaker is incredible. I have been able to find jobs myself on there, hire other contractors there, and even get my own work critiqued. Overall, it’s an incredible asset, especially for a high school student, to receive support and encouragement from others who are also learning filmmaking.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

If there was one course I wish I could’ve taken in high school to prepare me as a filmmaker, it would be Full Time Filmmaker. High school students will see unique benefits as it will help them realize if filmmaking is right for them. And, if it is, they will have all the tools they need to become a working freelance videographer or a standout student in higher education.

To finish up, Full Time Filmmaker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you find it is not a great fit, you can always get a full refund. There’s no risk in seeing if it will be the right solution.

Not sure if you are interested yet? Check out the free webinar, the Top 10 Secrets to Cinematic Shots, by clicking here. If you like that webinar, then FTF is a great fit for you.

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