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The best online filmmaking courses and cinematography courses for you to learn videography.

Learn filmmaking from Brandon Li

Unscripted Studio Review (2022) – Film Like Brandon Li

This is a review of Brandon Li’s film school Unscripted Studio. Is Unscripted Studio worth it? Is it better than Full Time Filmmaker? What exactly is covered in Unscripted Studio? Will it help me film like Brandon Li? I had never heard of Brandon Li before. In fact, I’m not even entirely sure how I

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5 Best Free Online Filmmaking Classes (2022)

This is a compilation of the best free webinars and videos for filmmaking and videography. How can I create more cinematic videos? How do filmmakers in Hollywood create the movies they do? How do MKBHD and other popular YouTubers create their videos? How can you create YouTube content intentionally? How can I go full time

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Full Time Filmmaker is the Best Film Class for High School Students

The Best Online Film Class for High School Students

There are so many options available currently for high school students to learn filmmaking. There are free options, there are paid options, online, and in-person. But, what is the best online film class for high school students? What if there was an online course that could help a high school student decide if filmmaking was

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FullTimeFilmmaker is the Best Beginner Film Class

The Best Filmmaking Course for Beginners in 2022

If I could travel back in time to when I picked up my first video camera and could give myself one filmmaking course, what would I give myself? Well, that course would need to tick a few boxes. On my wishlist of things, I’d want it to do would include: Provide me with a full

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Tomorrows Filmmakers Review (2022) – My Honest Opinion

This is a review of Tomorrows Filmmakers, a Christian Film Academy. Is Tomorrow’s Filmmakers worth it? Is now a good time to buy Tomorrows Filmmakers? Will it help you make a living with filmmaking? Spoiler alert: Tomorrows Filmmakers is worth buying. If you have the budget for it, their companion course, 90 Day Filmmaker, makes

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90 Day Filmmaker Review (2022) – Is It Worth It?

This is a review of 90 Day Filmmaker by the Tomorrow’s Filmmaker team and Justus McCranie. Is 90 Day Filmmaker worth it in 2022? What’s the best price to buy 90 Day Filmmaker? Is 90 Day Filmmaker better than Full Time Filmmaker? Who should not buy this course? “I want to go full time as

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Best Real Estate Videography Courses To Take in 2022

This is a compilation of the best real estate videography courses to take in 2022. What are the best real estate video courses? How can I make more money shooting real estate? What is the best way to price out real estate video projects? Real estate videography is one of the main video types that

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