How to Become a YouTuber – Best Courses to Take in 2023

This is a compilation of the best courses to become a YouTuber.

What are the best courses you should take if you want to become a YouTuber in 2022? How can you make money, what topics should you focus on, how many videos should you make, what videos should you make, and how do you do all of this in the best possible way to set yourself up for success?

What if there was a course to help you step by step?

After taking a number of free and paid courses, here are the best ones that you should enroll in if you are ready to master YouTube that actually work.

Master YouTube for Busy Professionals by Erika Kullberg – Best Overall for Mastering YouTube

I was honestly not prepared for just how great this course is. Whether you are a busy professional, blogger, content creator, filmmaker, or really anyone wanting to master YouTube with a proven formula, this is hands-down the best course available on YouTube.

Erika Kullberg, the instructor, went from 0 subscribers to 70,000+ and made more than $100k in that first year. I had not previously heard about Erika before enrolling in this course, but she has earned by subscription and I’m a big fan of her content.

In the course, she outlines smart, tactical ways to figure out what to talk about on YouTube, provides video ideas for what to do for the first three months and provides TONS of time-saving tips to help you maximize time so you can make YouTube your new full time.

Best YouTube Course in 2022

This course stands out because, out of all the YouTube courses I’ve taken, none were as actionable, helpful, and straightforward as this one. The strategy to coming up with video ideas is straightforward yet logical and she provides a framework for creating videos that get views that were refreshing and useful. The course also isn’t overwhelming long – the pacing is perfect and Erika is a joy to learn from.

I cannot recommend this course enough. I wish I had this course earlier. But, it’s never too late, right? I’ll be following this course’s recommendations as I revive a YouTube channel and will write a more in-depth review on it.

But, the short version – this is the best YouTube course and will provide everything you need to truly Master YouTube. And, the price is a steal compared to other options.

And, with their money-back guarantee, there is no reason to not see if this is the one thing missing from your YouTube success story.

Click here to download Erika’s free Mastering YouTube Guide.

Click here to read my full review on Mastering YouTube.

Video Ranking Academy 2.0 by Sean Cannell – Best for Advanced YouTubers

How to Become a YouTuber with Sean Cannell

Sean Cannell from the Think Media team has put together a nice package with their Video Ranking Academy 2.0 course. They aim to teach you how to make income from YouTube and overall they succeed in doing so. The teachings are great, Sean is an awesome instructor, and the bonuses included in the deal are nice to have.

Though, after going through Mastering YouTube by Erika Kullberg, I think Erika’s course is a stronger recommendation for most people that want to master YouTube. She also covers a very similar scope of topics but just in her own way – and she succeeded in doing that.

Erika’s course organization felt stronger to me and the way she is able to take difficult ideas and make them feel like easy-to-do action steps took the guesswork out of a lot of the mystery of YouTube.

Now, does this mean I don’t recommend VRA? Not at all. I think it is a great program.

They cover a lot of strategies and techniques that will definitely work as proven by their community of successes. I felt like Sean does go a little more in-depth and they do have a lot more content planned on the horizon for members of the VRA community. But, as it stands right now, Erika’s course has my recommendation.

Video Ranking Academy VS Mastering YouTube by Erika Kullberg?

Though, for those wondering who should choose Video Ranking Academy instead of Mastering YouTube, I can see one consideration being who you want to hang out with to master YouTube – Erika or Sean? Both are great, but everyone will have their own personal preferences. I’d suggest you take a look at both of their styles and figure out which one connects better with you.

At the end of the day, you should go with the course that gets you the most energized to crush your goals.

YouTube Success with MKBHD – Best for Learning the Behind the Scenes of a YouTuber

Marques Brownlee Skillshare Course Review

There may be some of you out there that don’t necessarily want a step-by-step process that Erika or Sean offer and maybe don’t have the budget set aside to purchase those courses. You may just want to do YouTube for fun, not necessarily to monetize or do it as a job and want to see how a successful YouTube does his videos.

MKBD’s YouTube Success Skillshare class is a rare behind-the-scenes look at how Marques films his legendary tech videos from beginning to end.

If you have ever wondered how a top-tier YouTuber goes about preparing, writing, shooting, editing, and delivering a video, this is the course you’ve been looking for. After watching this course, you’ll have a solid understanding of a top-notch process and pick up a number of great tips to incorporate into your YouTube process.

In general, Skillshare has a great library of awesome courses for aspiring YouTubers.

From learning camera basics, figuring out your niche, and learning how specific YouTubers shoot their videos, Skillshare has you covered. Though, if you want to learn the process to try to go full-time as a YouTuber, you’ll be best served by Erika’s course.

How to Choose the Best YouTube Course

Choosing a YouTube course, especially from the ones above, carries little risk because they all provide a money-back guarantee of sorts. Though, I will say (and you probably already know) that you will need to put the work in.

These courses, especially Erika’s, will give you everything you need to succeed in YouTube. She will even help keep you accountable for uploading to YouTube.

But, if you aren’t ready to jump all in, you won’t see the results you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts on YouTube Courses

YouTube is such a fun platform and being a YouTuber is a goal for many nowadays. With these courses, I hope that there is no longer a knowledge gap that stops you from becoming the full-time YouTuber you dreamed of becoming.

If I could travel back in time to when I was trying to do YouTube and become a YouTuber, I would give myself Mastering YouTube by Erika Kullberg. It’s that good. If you want to become a YouTuber and want to make sure you know everything you need to know to be successful, this is the course for you.

And, with her money-back guarantee, there’s no risk to seeing if it’s a good fit.

I hope this was helpful to you. And, if you read this and decided to go all-in on YouTube, send me a message – I’d love to be a subscriber and cheer you on during your YouTube journey.

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