Best Real Estate Videography Courses To Take in 2023

This is a compilation of the best real estate videography courses to take in 2022.

  • What are the best real estate video courses?
  • How can I make more money shooting real estate?
  • What is the best way to price out real estate video projects?

Real estate videography is one of the main video types that videographers sell to clients. After taking a number of online courses that teach real estate videography, I wanted to list out my favorites so you can master real estate videography faster and cut through the clutter.

Real Estate Video Pro by Full Time Filmmaker – Best Overall

Learn Filmmaking with Full Time Filmmaker

The best overall course for learning real estate video is Full Time Filmmaker’s Real Estate Video Pro mini-course. If you are a member of Full Time Filmmaker, this course is already bundled in your purchase, though you can also buy it as a separate mini-course.

This course separates itself from others on the list because it teaches you everything you need to be successful in real estate. You’ll learn how to find gigs, how to price out your work, how to film a real estate video, how to edit, and even get a number of job shadows where you can see the main instructor, Parker Walbeck, go and film real estate jobs.

You can read my full review on Full Time Filmmaker here.

Learn Real Estate Videography on a Budget

Tomorrow’s Filmmakers offers a ton of value for the amount of content that you get. You will learn everything you need to become a multi-faceted filmmaker, from camera basics to more complex camera movements. Personally, I have found that the quality of Full Time Filmmaker’s videos is overall higher, but Tomorrow’s Filmmakers is still a very strong entry. They still teach information that will help you become a real estate videographer.

With a cinema course dedicated entirely to real estate videography, if you are on a budget, this is hands-down the best course for you to learn real estate videography.

You can read my full review on Tomorrow’s Filmmakers here.

Learn Real Estate Videography for Free

Skillshare offers a number of courses related to real estate videography. One specifically, by Dennis Schrader, covers a lot of ground in just 1 hour. You’ll learn what gear to use, how to prep for a shoot, what to shoot on set, how to land the job, and more.

Even though this has the shortest runtime compared to the other courses, this a great entry for those that want to try Skillshare out for free with my link here and binge a number of Skillshare courses.

What To Look For When Buying a Real Estate Videography Course

When I purchase a real estate videography course, first and foremost I want to buy a course from someone whose style I want to imitate. In other words, I was really drawn to Full Time Filmmaker’s real estate course because I wanted to film real estate videos like him. Although the other two courses on the list are great for the right person, I connected most to the style of Parker’s videos.

Secondly, try taking a look at the different sections included in each of the real estate videography and see what areas you want to learn most about. For example, I really wanted to watch from beginning to end how someone actually films real estate jobs so the Full Time Filmmaker offering was very appealing. In addition, I was able to watch a ton of free content on their YouTube channel that allowed me to try out their teaching style and see if it would be worth the investment. Since I loved their YouTube content, signing up was a no-brainer.

What to Do Next

Real estate videography is a fun industry to get into and these courses above will help give you the knowledge you need to thrive. Depending on your budget and what your individual needs are, there are different recommendations for you. Overall, though, if you want the best of the best, I highly recommend enrolling in Full Time Filmmaker. You’ll get the training you need to go full time as a videography and master real estate videography. However, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the options above.

To enroll in Full Time Filmmaker, click here.

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