How to Speak On Camera for Content Creators

This is a recommendation of the Skillshare class How to Speak Confidently on Camera: A Guide for Content Creators by Nathaniel Drew.

How Do You Speak Naturally In Front of a Camera?

If you want to speak confidently on camera, take this class. There is no better way to spend an hour and 15 minutes if you want to improve your camera confidence than to watch this course. I’ve taken many courses that promise to help you improve your camera confidence and read many books on the subject, but this one easily takes the cake and does so in a very short period of time.

The best part? You can watch it for free by clicking below.

How to Speak Confidently On Camera: Verdict

Best Course for Camera Confidence

Nathaniel Drew’s course on speaking confidently on camera is the best class I’ve seen on the subject. He provides extremely actionable tips that you can apply right away to instantly see results while also providing insights on how to improve over time. The class is very empowering and motivational and makes you feel ready to jump on camera right after watching it.

Pros of How to Speak Confidently On Camera

Nathaniel is a natural on camera and a great instructor for the subject
The training is short & sweet with no fluff
You get access to it if you are a Skillshare member and, if you aren’t, you can watch it for free in a trial
The downloadables included are very useful
The course is well organized, very easy to watch, and entertaining
He gives very useful exercises to improve your confidence

Cons of How to Speak Confidently On Camera

Hard to think of a con!

Let’s take a deeper look at the How to Speak Confidently on Camera class and see if it’s worth your time.

Who is Nathaniel Drew?

Nathaniel Drew is an online content creator that makes videos on self-improvement, learning foreign languages, minimalism, and some short films and vlogs as well. To be honest, I had never heard of Nathaniel Drew prior to starting this course. But, after watching this class, I have subscribed. He content is great and you can get a feel for this style on his YouTube channel.

Here are the benefits you can expect by taking this course:

Confidence to speak on camera
Empowered with exercises to improve your skills
Excited to share your unique story with the world

Topics Covered in How to Speak on Camera

How to Speak Confidently on Camera covers a lot of ground in a short period of time. In this 1h 15m class, Nathaniel goes over:

  • Why (Speaking Confidently on Camera) is a Skill That Matters
  • What People Really Care About
  • Ideas to Help You Loosen Up
  • Nathaniel’s Journey
  • How to Connect Ideas
  • Scripting
  • The Power of Editing
  • Behind the Scenes Look (at how he films)
  • How to Deal with Criticism

I enjoyed the scope of what he covers in this full class. He really does a nice job covering how to speak confidently on camera with a ton of context to help you personalize your approach to camera confidence rather than just listing out generic tips, which I appreciated.

How Do You Speak Confidently On A camera?

Nathaniel is the instructor of this course and, unsurprisingly, he is seen speaking on camera. And, dare I say, he does so with confidence.

While talking to the camera, he edits in relevant BROLL and on-screen graphics, oftentimes showing clips from when he first started publishing videos on YouTube to show his progression from the beginning to now. The videos are well organized and concise with no fluff and every minute feel meaningful to the core purpose of the class.

Overall, I really, really enjoyed this course. Nathaniel does a great job holding attention with his filming & editing style and the actual contents of the course are practical. I was afraid that this course was going to rehash many of the same ideas that other courses on the same subject would cover. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how he presents the information in a fresh way that feels authentic and actually doable for people not confident on camera.

Tips You Can Use Right Away & Challenges to Work On Over Time

There’s no way around it – if you want to get more confident on camera, you are going to have to get in front of the camera and practice. Nathaniel covers a ton of helpful and practical tips to instantly elevate your comfort level on camera (I found myself taking notes like crazy because they were so good). And, he also provides many useful challenges throughout to help you apply what you are learning.

When you are done with this course, you’ll have a list of instantly actionable tips and a log of challenges you can work on to improve over time. Not much more to be added here – the tips are great and the challenges are a nice addition.

Thank You For the Motivation

This course gets you excited to go out and shoot a video. In fact, I’ll be surprised if you aren’t taking a break after watching a few videos to write down some video ideas or even get the camera out. I know that is how I felt and what I personally did.

He does include videos, like How to Deal With Criticism, that are inherently trying to motivate and help you overcome fear, but I feel the course as a whole has a very encouraging and uplifting vibe – which I loved.

In this way, if you already feel like you are pretty comfortable on camera, this is a great course to re-ignite your confidence and get you energized to film again.

The Verdict for How to Speak Confidently On Camera

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are looking to speak confidently on camera, watch this class. It’s short, sweet, and helpful. You’ll leave feeling motivated, empowered, and confident. Since it’s part of the Skillshare catalog, existing members can watch it and new members can sign up for a free trial, making this an extremely easy recommendation.

Happy learning and I hope this review was helpful for you!

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