Filmmaking Tips

Learn filmmaking tips to help with your filmmaker marketing, branding, and filming.

Outsource Video Editing – Best Companies to Use (2023)

This is a list of the best companies to outsource your video editing services to in 2022. Who should you hire to edit your videos? Where is the best place to find talented editors? How do you post an effective video editing job? What mistakes should you avoid when hiring your first (or next) video

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Videography Logos: Best Videographer Logo Designers

This is a guide on how to get your own professional logo made and what services you should use to get it done right. Need a logo for your video business? Should I do personal brand or business brand? What mistakes should I avoid? There are many different services you can use online to get

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Brandon Li’s Camera Gear (2023) – Travel Filmmaking Kit

This is a post containing the most up-to-date look at what gear Brandon Li uses to film his videos. Brandon Li is a YouTuber famously known for his story-driven travel films. He travels the world creating incredible narratives and also has his very own online film school where he teaches others how to get his

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How Much To Charge for Video Production in 2023

What should you charge your clients for the videos you make in 2022? What’s the short answer to how much you should charge? You should shoot for free until the videos you make attract paying clients. Your price should then be somewhere between what you would be happy making and not happy making (more explained

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Best YouTube Channels for Filmmakers to Follow (2023)

This is a growing compilation of YouTube filmmakers you should follow in 2022. YouTube is home to many creators, particularly those extremely skilled in filmmaking. I know I learned many of my tips & tricks early on in my filmmaking career from filmmakers on YouTube. From learning BROLL, going full time, learning how to film

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How to Manage Money for Videographers and Filmmakers

If you have ever felt you were lost or just guessing when it came to finances for your videography or filmmaking business, I have the perfect recommendation for you. I started making videos here and there a side job in college. I was still figuring out the whole video thing and certainly had no clue

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Tips On How to Take Online Courses So You Can Learn Faster

You’ve finally found an online course that promises to teach you something that you are wanting to learn. Though even if the course is 14/10 amazing, you may not find the results you are looking for – and it may be because of you! After taking hundreds of online courses, I put together a list

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How to Create a Filmmaking Course Students Love

This is a recipe for how to create an online filmmaking course that your students will love. There are so many online filmmaking courses available online today, many of which I have taken. But, how do you create an online filmmaking course that students absolutely love, to the point that they are actively referring their

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