MKBHD Skillshare Class Review: YouTube Starter Kit!

Marques Brownlee Skillshare Course Review

This is a review of MKBHD’s Skillshare class about YouTube success and how to script, shoot, and edit a video just like MKBHD. I have been a huge fan of MKBHD since the early days and I was SUPER excited when I saw that he released a video outlining his process. To make things even better, it’s part of the Skillshare ecosystem which I am also a huge fan of. Is it worth joining Skillshare for, though? Is it the necessary education needed as part of a Youtube Starter Kit?

Marques Brownlee’s Skillshare Course is a great YouTube Starter Kit

MKBHD’s Skillshare Class is an easy recommendation for anyone that likes MKBHD or just wants to see how a successful YouTuber takes a video from start to finish. Even though I’ve been through many online courses and a four-year video college program, MKBHD was still able to teach me a handful of game-changing tips & tricks and offer great perspective and mindset for aspiring YouTubers. With SkillShare offering a free 14-day trial, this is a no-brainer for any online content creator that wants to learn from the best.

I haven’t seen many written reviews for MKBHD’s course. And, quite honestly, I didn’t even know it existed until recently. Yet, I do truly believe it is an incredible course for YouTube creators and video creators so I hope me writing this review will help connect more people to this amazing course and get them out there creating.

Mastering YouTube Course Suggestion

If you are looking to become a YouTuber and get paid while doing it, check this course out. I am currently in the process of reviewing a very promising course by popular YouTuber Erika Kullberg. My first impression is that the course is very well thought out with great tips and a great instructor. A full review is coming soon. If you want to check it out, you can click here to view the course.

Erika has also created a free YouTube guide that shows how she went from $0 to making over $100,000 on YouTube in less than a year. If you want to download that guide, you can click here.

YouTube Success: Script, Shoot & Edit with MKBHD Review Summary

MKBHD’s Skillshare course is a homerun. From how he scripts his videos to how he captures he shots, how he thinks about capturing the shots, how he edits, and the valuable tips & tricks he sprinkles throughout makes this an amazing masterclass in being a YouTuber.

Pros of YouTube Success

Concise teaching
Very easy to watch
MKBHD has valuable tricks of the trade that blew my mind
Skillshare platform is great and easy to use
Free trial from Skillshare makes this course essentially free
Videos available offline on mobile app

Wishlist for YouTube Success

MKBHD is an incredible communicator and I hope that he makes more courses that cover additional aspects of YouTube success in the future.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into MKBHD’s course and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Who is MKBHD anyway?

If you are on this page, chances are you already know who MKBHD is. If you don’t, MKBHD (or Marques Brownlee) is an online tech YouTuber with millions of subscribers. He’s also a pro ultimate frisbee player and seems like a super chill dude.

Even though I’ve been following MKBHD for many years, this is the first time I’ve seen him pull back the curtain and give an inside look at his process. He has done tour videos of his studios before, but this course is such a gem because you get to understand more his thought process and working process when making YouTube videos.

Here are benefits you can expect with YouTube Success:

Learn a professional YouTuber workflow
Get motivated to create your first or next YouTube video
Improve your efficiency when making YouTube videos
Better understand how to create content that connects to your audiences
Have more fun creating YouTube content
Learn exclusive tips & tricks from MKBHD

YouTube Success Class Outline

YouTube Success with MKBHD runs a total of 1 hour and 14 minutes. He covers a wide range of topics in this time, all the steps from scripting, shooting, editing, and delivering.

YouTube Success Course Content Style

The course feels very much like an MKBHD video and I mean that in the best way possible. Marques has mastered the casual conversational tone when teaching and it feels like you are hanging out with MKBHD for the duration of the class.

I actually started watching the first couple videos with the intention of finishing the rest the next day, but just couldn’t stop watching. He is very skilled at holding attention and providing useful information.

My favorite part about this course was learning about his specific workflow and the tips & tricks he uses to optimize his process.

Throughout the course, he shares little tricks that he does to make the process smoother. I don’t want to give too much away out of respect for his course, but a couple of the tips include ways to make scripting more efficient and how to have more fun when making YouTube videos. There are times during this course that I was actually laughing out loud because of how sneaky MKBHD is with his videos and how fun he is. If you want to learn a little more about what I think makes an MKBHD video feel like an MKBHD video, check out my blog on the subject here.

YouTube Success was a Surprisingly Motivational Class

MKBHD covers a ton of useful tactics to increase efficiency but he also sprinkles in plenty of words of wisdom that help from a motivational perspective too. Staying motivated and being consistent with YouTube is arguably the hardest part about being on the platform and the way MKBHD discusses and goes through his thoughts on this is encouraging and enlightening. It’s easy to see many creators make clickbaity videos that showcase an exact blueprint to success or a pathway you must take, but seeing MKBHD, a self-taught filmmaker with millions of subscribers, talk candidly about what he thinks leads to actual success, was very refreshing and motivating for me as someone who wants to dip their toes in YouTube.

The verdict for YouTube Success with MKBHD

Rating: 5 out of 5.

YouTube Success with MKBHD is an incredible course for online video creators that want to learn the process of creating a YouTube video from beginning to end from a seasoned veteran of YouTube. The concise teaching, clever tips & tricks, and surprisingly motivational nature make this an easy watch full of game-changing tactics. To make things even sweeter, Skillshare offers a 14-day free trial which makes this essentially a free class to take.

If you want to level up your video production process or just want to watch more of MKBHD, this is a no-brainer.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope this review was helpful for you!

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