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The best online filmmaking courses and cinematography courses for you to learn videography.

5 Best Free Online Filmmaking Classes (2023)

This is a compilation of the best free webinars and videos for filmmaking and videography. How can I create more cinematic videos? How do filmmakers in Hollywood create the movies they do? How do MKBHD and other popular YouTubers create their videos? How can you create YouTube content intentionally? How can I go full time

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14 Day Filmmaker Review (2022) – My Honest Opinion

This is a review of the 14 day filmmaker course by Paul Xavier and Anthony Gallo. Should you buy 14 Day Filmmaker? Is it worth the cost or are there better alternatives? Is 14 Day Filmmaker worth the $48? The $48 price point and promise of being a filmmaker in 14 days are very attractive.

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How to Create a Filmmaking Course Students Love

This is a recipe for how to create an online filmmaking course that your students will love. There are so many online filmmaking courses available online today, many of which I have taken. But, how do you create an online filmmaking course that students absolutely love, to the point that they are actively referring their

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Marques Brownlee Skillshare Course Review

MKBHD Skillshare Class Review: YouTube Starter Kit!

This is a review of MKBHD’s Skillshare class about YouTube success and how to script, shoot, and edit a video just like MKBHD. I have been a huge fan of MKBHD since the early days and I was SUPER excited when I saw that he released a video outlining his process. To make things even

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