The Futur Academy Review (2021) – A Creative’s Best-Kept Secret

This is a review of The Futur’s paid online school called The Futur Academy.

The missing piece for many creative professionals is learning the business side. How do I manage money? How do I find clients? How do I present my work? How do I write proposals that win projects?

Then, there are creatives that already have a talent for design but they want to elevate their work to the next level. How do I make and package a premium logo? How do I work with colors better? What is the best way to work with type?

Chris Do and his team at The Futur have set out to solve these problems, and more, once and for all with their online school for creatives called The Futur Academy. They have many resources designed specifically to help creatives learn their business more and also help creatives elevate their own skillset more.

But, are their courses worth investing in?

As someone who has invested in a total of 13 of their courses so far with his own money, here are my thoughts. And, if you have questions about The Futur Academy that aren’t answered here, I encourage you to reach out to me here – I’m happy to help.

The Futur Academy Review

The Futur Academy is a best-kept secret for creatives to differentiate themselves from others in the industry. You get an inside look at how a world-class agency produces amazing creative work for high-end clients and get access to the templates and training for you to do the same. If you are a fan of The Futur’s YouTube content, you will be in love with the content the paid courses have to offer.

Pros of The Futur Academy

Top-tier training not found anywhere else
Consistent, high-quality training across all their different courses
Instructors are top-tier with very respectable credentials
New courses are constantly coming out
Downloadable workbooks and templates save you a lot of time
The learning platform is easy to navigate and use

Cons of The Futur Academy

I hope that they release content related to video production soon! They would do a great job with this.

Let’s take a deeper look at The Futur Academy and see if it’s worth it for you.

What is The Futur Academy?

The Futur Academy is an online school dedicated to helping creatives level up their work and learn the business side of the industry. The Futur is led by Chris Do, agency veteran, business coach, and author. They also have a very popular YouTube channel named The Futur which has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers and is growing very quickly.

Here are the benefits you can expect by taking courses from The Futur Academy:

The confidence you are doing what other high-level agencies are doing
Access to the best systems and processes on the topic you are learning
A differentiator between you and your competition

Courses Available at The Futur Academy

The Futur Academy is currently home to a wide range of courses that are segmented into Creativity, Business, and Personal skills.

The Futur Academy Business Resources Courses

  • The Style Guide Kit
  • Bookkeeping Kit
  • Setup Kit
  • Complete Case Study
  • Perfect Proposal
  • Paid in Full
  • The Legal Kit
  • Pitch Kit
  • Brand Messaging Kit

The Futur Academy Creative Skill Courses

  • Grids & Layouts
  • Animation for Designers
  • Typography 01
  • Color for Creatives
  • Lettering 01
  • Logo Design 01
  • Styleframes
  • Stylescapes
  • Hand Lettering Kit

The Futur Academy Business Skills Courses

  • CORE Discovery
  • Practical Project Management
  • Managing Money
  • How to Negotiate
  • How to Find Clients
  • Blogging for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • You’re a Business Not a Freelancer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Winning Clients Over
  • Build Your YouTube Channel

The Futur Personal Development Courses

  • Land Your Dream Job
  • Be Your Best Self
  • Build Your Confidence

The Futur Academy’s Courses Content Style

The formula for the contents of each course depends on what the subject matter is. Though of the 13 courses I have taken, all of them are professionally filmed, produced, and well thought out.

In one of their featured courses, How to Negotiate, Chris Do explains each of the main types of objections that you may run into when working with clients. He then explains the framework he uses to process the objections in the best way possible. He goes through the core principles of what he is teaching and provides a role-play for each of them, showing how to actually apply what he is teaching in a real-world situation.

You will see a mixture of Chris and a professionally designed slide deck in this particular course, which I think is appropriate based on the material. In the role play section, you will get to see two of Chris’s students role-play a scenario, and then Chris will jump in to provide guidance, showing how he would handle the situation.

The content style for this course works very well. The combination of concise teaching followed by seeing students apply the learnings from the course is a very nice way to present this information. In the other courses, they follow a similar structure – they use a mixture of on-screen presentations with slide deck BROLL and screencasts as needed. If you want to get a feel for how they teach information, the best thing to do is watch their YouTube content.

View the Futur Academy Courses

The Futur Academy’s Resources for Purchase

The Futur Academy has a number of resources available for purchase at their academy as well, like the Perfect Proposal. These are less expensive than their courses, as they typically are just downloadable resources, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dollar-for-dollar just as valuable.

For example, in the Perfect Proposal, you get access to a full 46-page guidebook that explains in detail how to craft (wait for it) a Perfect Proposal. In addition to the PDF, you get a number of other goodies, including professional templates for proposals, text copy to use in your own proposals, as well as a number of example proposals for you to reference and learn from.

A welcome addition to their resources is lifetime updates. The Perfect Proposal, for example, is currently on version 2, which came as a free update to those who purchase version 1.0.

The Futur Academy’s resources are a great purchase for those that want to get instant access to the templates & systems a high-end agency uses in their day-to-day. If you are looking to improve your proposal game, this purchase will 100% do that. The purchased resources deliver on their premise very well and the bonus goodies that come bundled with them are very valuable as well.

A Creative Business’s Best-Kept (Premium) Secret

The Futur Academy’s courses are not the cheapest on the market – and I’m glad. The Futur’s YouTube content is a great place for many to learn some next-level strategies to grow their creative business. The problem is – everyone can access that.

However, The Futur Academy is reserved for those special few that are willing to actually invest in their business and creative skills. And this is what will separate you from the competition.

The Futur Academy’s content, from the courses and resources I have taken, have all exceeded my expectations and have been worth every penny. Even one of their most expensive courses, How to Negotiate, was worth every penny. By utilizing the techniques in that course, I have been able to better negotiate with clients, overcome objections before they become objections, and close more deals as a result. Although the price of that course is quite high, the return you can get from the course is high as well.

Personally, I think the courses are priced very reasonably, proportionate to the amount of value they can bring your creative business. If you ask yourself, “How much is it worth for me to close twice as many deals?” you may find that the course is well worth your time and money.

The Verdict for The Futur Academy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are a creative looking to elevate your work or master the business side of your industry, this is the premium training you have been looking for. The free training The Futur has on YouTube is a great taste of what you can expect from their online course offerings. If you are a fan of their YouTube channel and there is a course or resource that covers something you are interested in (and you have the money for it), you won’t be disappointed.

Are you ready to make a living doing what you love?

Happy learning and I hope this review was helpful for you!

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