Best YouTube Channels for Filmmakers to Follow (2023)

This is a growing compilation of YouTube filmmakers you should follow in 2022.

YouTube is home to many creators, particularly those extremely skilled in filmmaking. I know I learned many of my tips & tricks early on in my filmmaking career from filmmakers on YouTube. From learning BROLL, going full time, learning how to film in a way that looks like a movie, or even just providing positive vibes, this list contains a bit of something for everyone.

If you want to learn filmmaking, check out the best online filmmaking courses available online here.

If you want to watch free filmmaking training, check out the best ones here.

Mastering YouTube Course – Best Course to Become a Full-Time YouTuber

Erika Kullberg’s Mastering YouTube course is the best course on how to become a full-time YouTuber. She will show you how to find your focus, how to monetize, which videos to publish, how to stay motivated, and so much more. It is the definitive guide on making YouTube your full-time job. It’s an amazing course that I recommend to every aspiring YouTuber.

Erika has also created a free YouTube guide that shows how she went from $0 to making over $100,000 on YouTube in less than a year. If you want to download that guide, you can click here.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Daniel Schiffer – How to Film BROLL Footage

Film Like Daniel Schiffer

Daniel Schiffer has a signature style that involves smooth, intentional movements, seamless transitions, and an eye for the creative angle. It’s easy to see those that have watched his videos because they will have that “Schiffer” feel to them, which isn’t a bad thing at all.

One thing I absolutely love about Daniel is how much he shares about his process. If you look through his YouTube channel, you will be able to see the final (amazing) videos he creates but also he process of how he films that piece. This is an extremely valuable way to learn, especially if you love his style.

If you are looking to learn more about creating epic short commercials, elevate your BROLL, or just watch entertaining content that also educates you, Daniel has you covered.

Parker Walbeck – How to Become a Full Time Filmmaker

Parker’s channel consists of amazing tips for real estate, travel videos, photography, and so much more. Since he runs his own online film school, it’s no surprise that his content on YouTube is of the highest quality.

I love watching his videos because they are truly useful and practical. His real estate tips & tricks video, for example, provides exceptional guidance on making a a stellar real estate video that is 100% for free.

For those that are dipping their toes in the water of doing video full time, you should for sure follow him as you will learn incredible and practical tips that you can use moving forward as you venture into the world of working as a filmmaker.

Potato Jet – How to Make Epic Online Videos

Potato Jet makes epic online videos. He approaches each video with a charm and personality that makes every video engaging and fun while still remaining sneakily educational.

His strength is in his ability to maintain an audience’s attention and wrap in very valuable bits of knowledge. I actually ended up signing up for his awesome online course because he was so fun to watch – and definitely was not disappointed.

If you want to learn filmmaking or even how to hold an audience member’s attention, Potato Jet has much to offer you.

Peter McKinnon – Filmmaking Tips and Coffee

Peter McKinnon is one of the most well-known filmmakers and photographers on YouTube and you probably already follow him. And, if you don’t, then you are one of the lucky few that get to enjoy all of his amazing content – sorry in advance for the binging of his videos that you will inevitably do :).

In all seriousness, Peter brings a unique energy and passion to his videos that many creators aspire to. His videos are cool, easy to relax and watch, and very educational.

If you are looking for a filmmaker/photographer to follow that will keep your good vibes rolling and spark your creativity, Pete has you covered.

Matt D’Avella – How to Film Like a Minimalist

I first discovered Matt from his incredible Minimalism documentary on Netflix. Soon after, I discovered he had a YouTube channel and was blown away by his approach to filmmaking, his values, and his ideas.

I particularly enjoy his productivity tips and general life hacks that have helped me personally in my own development. His video about paying off debt, for example, inspired me to dive more into my finances and finally take control of my money.

What if there was an incredible filmmaker that taught productivity tips, filmmaking tricks, and was entertaining while doing so? Matt has you covered.

Philip Bloom – How to Capture Cinematic Images

Philip Bloom's Online Course Review

Philip Bloom was one of my very first online instructors for video. He had an awesome series on the Vimeo video school back in the day and helped teach me concepts that no one else was really teaching at the time so he has a special place in my video journey as a result. I’m extremely grateful for his virtual guidance early on.

Nowadays, Philip has directed many documentaries and releases regular YouTube videos that feel more like movies than any other video on YouTube. He can take a camera review and make it into a cinematic masterpiece. His shots are incredible, his storytelling is engaging, and his videos feel like movies in the best way possible.

What would it be like if a movie maker created YouTube videos? This is what I feel Philip answers for the YouTube community and he executes it incredibly well. Cheers, Philip!

Film Like Brandon Li – How to Shoot Travel Films

Learn filmmaking from Brandon Li

Brandon Li is a filmmaker that makes incredible travel films that have a story. When you think of a travel film, you may think of a sequence of slow-motion shots with music behind them, but Brandon takes that, remixes it, and tells engaging stories that rely on all the filmmaking tools on his toolbelt.

I love Brandon’s approach and mindset to filming with story at the core. His shots are visually incredible, yes, but the way he ties shots together to enhance his story, build tension, create conflict, and eventually make you feel a certain way is mind-blowing. His YouTube channel explores these concepts and his film school teaches them step-by-step.

If you want to learn travel filmmaking from who I consider to be the king of travel filmmaking, look no further than Brandon Li’s channel.

Film Like MKBHD – How to Shoot Tech Videos

MKBHD is many people’s go-to YouTube when it comes to anything tech-related. With his engaging videos, crispy footage, in-depth analysis on different features, and overall high-quality production, it’s no surprise that he’s one of YouTube’s main creators.

I love how conversational MKBHD’s videos are and how good he is at anticipating questions his audience would have about particular topics. He’s very easy to listen to and is constantly finding new ways to take his content to the next level while still maintaining a signature MKBHD feel throughout.

If you want to learn what I consider to be the main ingredients to a successful MKBHD video, read my blog article on him here. And, if you want to learn how to make videos from MKBHD himself, check out his amazing Skillshare course.

Sean Cannell & Think Media – How to Build Your Influence on YouTube

How to Become a YouTuber with Sean Cannell

Sean has created a channel that helps anyone wanting to start a YouTube channel build their influence. Filmmakers, in particular, can benefit from his channel because chances are that they can already create great videos but just need to fine-tune some YouTube-specific skills to optimize their videos and channels to be seen.

I like how Sean’s team structures their videos and teaches on concepts that help YouTubers of all levels. Whether they are teaching about video ideas, how to make intros, how to setup your channel, or even how to get more views, it is the best channel for those wanting to upgrade their channel.

If you are interested in becoming a YouTuber and already create great videos because you are a filmmaker, Sean and the Think Media team will provide you with the missing manual to grow your influence online.

Casey Neistat – How to Film Movie Vlogs

I followed Casey Neistat most closely when he was doing daily vlogs on his channel. He absolutely blew me away with how entertaining his videos were and how he was able to create such awesome videos in just 1 day.

Even now, years after I started following him, I still find his content incredibly engaging. He knows how to wrap Hollywood-level cinematography in interesting stories while sprinkling in his signature style that can only be described as the “Casey Neistat” style.

If you have ever wondered what would happen if a highly skilled filmmaker decided to take on daily vlogging, then Casey Neistat is the channel for you. And, if you want to learn the main things that I think make Casey Neistat’s videos so great, check out my article on him here.

Best Film YouTube Channels – Final Thoughts

I’m grateful for the number of YouTube creators that make content. It’s not an easy thing to do, especially consistently, and the channels listed above are my favorites in the filmmaking space. I hope they help you on your journey and I will be updating this list as more come to mind.

If you have a channel you think I should check out, feel free to reach out to me – I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading and I wish you the best on your filmmaking journey!

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