Videography Logos: Best Videographer Logo Designers

This is a guide on how to get your own professional logo made and what services you should use to get it done right.

  • Need a logo for your video business?
  • Should I do personal brand or business brand?
  • What mistakes should I avoid?

There are many different services you can use online to get your own logo made and I want to highlight the best ones you can use to get one that matches your desired aesthetic.

As a videographer myself and certified marketer, I want to help you avoid some of the common mistakes people make and help connect you to the resources that will help you look your absolute best online. Let’s get started!

Use the table of contents below to go directly to the section you are interested in.

Should I Use a Personal Brand or a Company Brand?

One of the most common questions I see (and one I’ve had myself) is if you should go for a personal brand and use your own name or go more with a production company branding.

In other words, should brand yourself as a freelancer or an agency?

There are many reasons to brand yourself as a solo freelancer. Companies may like that they get to work directly with you, it may give the impression that the rates will be lower since it’s just you, and people may recognize that it’s your company since it is your name on the different social media pages.

There are also many reasons to brand yourself as an agency. Companies may feel it’s easier to trust a larger organization, the perceived quality may be higher, and there is room for more than just you to take ownership of the company. This also is easier to sell down the line if that’s important to you.

For me, it really depends on you and your individual situation. Below, I want to give some scenarios and what I personally recommend for each situation, but don’t feel like you have to follow my thoughts exactly. If you feel confident in one way or the other, then go forward with that.

  • If you are just starting out, use your own name. People likely know you by your name and by using your full name like Daniel Bob Videography, people can connect that it’s you.
  • If you have not found a niche yet, use your own name. A great reason for a re-brand or name change is a new positioning in a market. If you know you will be going into wedding films or real estate videography (and have a reel to accompany it), it may make sense to go with more of an agency branding. But, if you have not decided on a direction you want to go yet and are just doing general videography, use your own name.
  • If you are a one-person team, use your own name. There is a perception that being a one-person team makes it not as legit or even as professional as others with multiple team members, but you’ll find that many companies and organizations actually prefer one-person teams. One client I work with, for example, as told me that they choose me because they enjoy working with me directly and not having to go through multiple people in an agency setting for simple projects.

I love this quote from Deng Xiaoping, “It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.”

Think about it. If you are Daniel Schiffer, MKBHD, Parker Walbeck, Peter McKinnon, or any other skilled videographer, do you think brands ask for their production company’s name?

ALL of them have landed big brand deals because they are able to produce high-quality work. At the end of the day, if you are unsure and are sitting on this, just use your own name for now and move forward and focus on improving your craft. You can ALWAYS change it later if you find it isn’t working for you or no longer fits your needs.

The major factor in your success with clients is much less reliant on the name of your brand and much more reliant on the quality of your work. With that being said, it’s still important we represent ourselves online in a way to appeal to the clients we want so let’s move on to services you can use to get some brands created.

Fiverr: Use my Recommended Seller for Amazing Results

I get it – Fiverr is one of the most memed about services and has been known to be of lower quality. But, I truly believe there are incredible artists on Fiverr that can turn your ideas into fantastic brands. I have used Fiverr to create a number of brands and a sample of them is below. You may recognize the first one 🙂

As you can see, the quality of these can be very, very high. One is a good example of more agency branding and the other is for a personal brand. If you are curious, the designer I use (and 100% recommend) is ZLANNAN on Fiverr. Her rates are INSANELY LOW for the high quality she produces and she does a fantastic job working with you to figure out a brand that will actually work for your goal. She can even help you create an email signature, social media kit, provide source files, and more.

You Get What You Pay For with Fiverr

There are many gigs on Fiverr, some of which are as cheap as $5 for logo design. Do I recommend these? Honestly, I think this depends entirely on how much you are willing to pay to mitigate risk. If you are paying $5 for a logo, you may get a decent or great logo out of it, but the risk is high and the chances of getting a great logo is low. The more you pay, the more you are paying for the assurance of getting it done right.

So, if you want to pay $5 for a logo, that’s totally fine – just make sure your expectations are in check prior to placing an order. I have placed a number of $5 orders on Fiverr and have had some great successes as well as some great learning experiences.

One big tip I have, especially if you are getting a logo designed for the first time, is to go with a package with multiple concepts. When I made my Daniel Fayette logo above, I was really unsure of how I wanted the style to look but I did have some references. I ended up wanting to try a few different explorations of the monogram feel and am so glad I did. It really helps open your mind to the possibilities of your brand and it is really cool to see how a talented designer can turn your ideas into reality with a logo. If you are curious, here are the other explorations delivered that I ended up not going with.

PhotoLogo: A Handcrafted Mark that Works for Videographers, Too!

I know the name has photo in it but it works just as well for freelance videographers or even production companies that want a signature look. I have also had one of these made for my personal brand and you can see that below.

I really like PhotoLogo’s service because the cost is relatively cheap while being extremely high quality, if this is the type of style that you are wanting. The base price for a signature logo is low, though you can get tons of additions that build out the brand more, like color versions, social media kits, business cards, vector files, and more.

You can also get a tagline, like videography or filmmaking or whatever added to the logo. I decided to just use my own name here but I did want to mention that you can have a tagline added.

For those that like the signature style, PhotoLogo is hands-down the best option at a great price with extremely valuable add-ons to build out the brand you have chosen.

99designs: For Those That Want Tons of Ideas

I have personally tried and worked with Fiverr and Photologo over and over but I honestly have not submitted a design to 99designs. I have had a colleague use it, though, and they were pleased with their results, so I am adding it to the list. Also, I have noticed that Zlannan, my designer of choice on Fiverr, has submitted lots of her designs on 99designs and this makes me feel that the website is full of talented designers.

In a nutshell, 99designs allows you to setup a logo brief with a budget and designers from the platform will submit their take on your design. You then get to choose the best design and pay them for it.

The concept is incredibly cool since, depending on what budget you have set for the logo design, you will get a ton of designs to choose from. For those that are working on a brand that you may not have a concrete style or design for, this could be a great option.

Should I Design My Own Videographer Logo?

Another question people have is if they should design their own logo.

Honestly, for 99% of people, I’d recommend they let a professional do it. Photologo provides amazing signature logos at an incredibly affordable price so I would recommend you use that and skip eating out for a week. If you have a larger budget, I’d recommend going with Fiverr and working with Zlannan, getting the most robust package you can get so you can get a world-class design that works for you.

The only people I would suggest design their own logo are trained logo designers.

Yes, for beginners, you can use a tool like Canva, Squarespace, or many other logo generators to make your logo on your own that can look okay. But, if you want others to invest in you and your business, I truly believe you need to be ready to invest in your own business. And a logo is one of the most important elements to invest in.

But… Canva For Those That Want to Do It Themselves

I get it, though. I designed my very first logo on my own and it did indeed help me figure out my own style and fulfilled its purpose for that time. Looking back, I would 100% recommend going with one of the above services. Though, I also understand that, when I was just starting out, I had lots of money tied up in gear and software.

If you want to try to create your own logo and you don’t have design experience, I would recommend you give Canva a try. They have tons of premade templates for logos that you can mix and match to create something that can get you started.

Pro Tip for Using Canva

If you decide to use Canva to design your logo, sign up for the free 30-day trial for Canva Pro.


With Canva Pro, you get access to a much larger library of graphical elements you can use for your logo and you can export the final file with transparency, which means you can put it overtop of other images or videos. In the free version, you cannot have a transparent background.

I personally have an ongoing subscription to Canva Pro because it is very useful for social media and other things, but you could also use Canva Pro for 30 days and have it fulfill your logo needs & export all the file types you’ll use for your logo. Just remember to set a calendar reminder to cancel if you want to cancel!

Closing Thoughts on Your Filmmaking Logo or Videographer Logo

After reading this guide, I hope that you have identified whether you should brand yourself as a freelancer or as an agency. I hope you have found a service that has logo designs that fit your desired aesthetic and I hope that you have discovered the value in having a professional create the logo for you.

Seeing your finished logo and new online persona is one of the most exciting steps of working on your videography business and I hope that I was able to help you along your journey to getting your new filmmaking or videography logo.

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