Parker Walbeck’s Camera Gear (2023) – Working Videographer

This is a post containing the most up-to-date look at what gear Parker Walbeck, from Full Time Filmmaker, uses to film his videos.

Parker Walbeck is a filmmaker & YouTuber that has put together one of the best online film schools around – Full Time Filmmaker. He is a working video professional that has a gift for sharing his knowledge in easy-to-digest ways and crafts memorable videos that are technically sound, engaging, and keep your attention. He is on my list of favorite YouTube Filmmakers.

Parker’s Camera Equipment

This is a list of all the main equipment Parker Walbeck uses to film his core content, including his Full Time Filmmaker tutorials as well as his client work. In many ways, this is the ultimate Canon videographer kit for working professionals.

Cinema Camera

Canon C70

The Canon C70 offers incredible out-of-camera image quality with reasonable file sizes and extremely high image quality. Parker has made the move to using the Canon RF series of cameras and has made the C70 one of his go-tos for his sit down videos and also likes the flexibility of being able to throw the tiny cinema camera on a gimbal.

Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS R5

Parker values the ability to set a picture profile and get great video right out of the camera with minimal coloring work. The R5 allows for that, with great 4k options and recording abilities, and also doubles as a fantastic photo camera. He often mixes the R5 with the 28-70 F2 RF lens for photo work and loves the image quality. He previously used the 1DX Mark ii & iii, but has now moved to using the C70 and R5 full time.


Canon RF 28-70mm f/2 L USM Lens

Parker’s favorite zoom lens. Top image quality but bulky. He has replaced his previously-favorite all-around 24-70 lens with this one.

Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8 L IS USM

A best-in-class wide angle lens that offers image stabilization, a wide angle, and a solid aperture.

Camera Stabilizers

This is actually sort of funny. In the Full Time Filmmaker community, Parker has admitted now to actually starting to prefer using gimbals over Glidecams. Many people cite Parker’s signature style as being tied to the organic, smooth shots achieved by his Glidecam skills. And, even his Full Time Filmmaker logo is an outline of him holding a Glidecam.

At any rate, the Ronin RS 2 is an incredible achievement by DJI and seems to have become Parker’s weapon of choice for stabilizers.


Aputure Light Storm LS C120d II Daylight LED Light Kit

Parker uses this and the big brother version of the Aputure light for his setups. He likes the big source of soft light and uses it mainly as a key light. In general, Parker likes using the Aputure brand of lights for his work.


Rode Microphones VideoMic NTG On-Camera Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone

Parker’s go-to choice for his on-camera microphone.

Rode Microphones NTG5

Parker’s go-to shotgun microphone for work.

Zoom H6 All Black Handy Recorder

The recorder Parker uses on-location to run the NTG5 through in order to record the signal.

Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Studio Vocal Microphone

The microphone of choice for Parker when he is at his desk recording audio.

Sennheiser ew 122P G4 Camera-Mount Wireless Cardioid Lavalier Microphone System

Parker’s lavalier microphone of choice.


Although he has a course on Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro, Parker’s editing software of choice currently is Adobe Premiere Pro.

Final Thoughts on Parker Walbeck’s Gear

The gear above is an amazing setup for both in-studio work but also client work. Parker places a heavy emphasis on user-friendliness and enjoys using Canon for its color science, clean menu system, and reliability.

One takeaway I personally had looking at all of Parker’s gear is how truly minimal it is. When it comes down to it, he only has a handful of all-around lenses and keeps things simple with the C70 and R5. I know he has a RED and uses it on occasion, but being a minimalist in terms of what gear he has keeps his process smooth.

I hope you enjoyed this round-up!

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