Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Wedding Film Masterclass Review (2022)

This is a review of Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Wedding Film Masterclass.

  • Should you watch Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Wedding Film Masterclass?
  • Is MZed Pro worth it?
  • Is this the best wedding masterclass available?

I’ll just get right to it – this is one of the best filmmaking classes I have ever taken and I recommend it to all types of filmmakers, not just wedding filmmakers.

I have filmed weddings before and, although I do not aspire to be a full-time wedding filmmaker, this has opened my eyes and provided me with so many insights that any filmmaker would truly benefit from taking this class. Though, wedding filmmakers, in particular, will benefit tremendously from it.

I had no idea who Ray Roman was before taking this course. But I am a huge fan now. Even when compared against amazing courses like Full Time Filmmaker’s wedding section or Tomorrow’s Filmmakers wedding section, this masterclass rises above and provides you with everything you need to take your filmmaking to the next level.

This course is specifically for learning the exact blueprint Ray Roman uses to create the amazing wedding films that have named him one of the top 5 best wedding filmmakers in the world. If you are preparing to shoot your first wedding or want to learn wedding filmmaking directly from the best, this course is absolutely worth it.

Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Wedding Film Masterclass: Verdict

Best Wedding Film Masterclass

Ray Roman’s Wedding Film Masterclass is truly a masterclass on wedding filmmaking and is the best wedding film course available. Ray takes you step-by-step through an actual wedding shoot and provides excellent, practical tips to show you how to masterfully capture a wedding film.

Pros of Ray Roman’s Masterclass

Included in an MZed Pro Subscription
The course is taught by a world-class filmmaker
Ray is an extremely talented educator
The course is a lot of fun to watch
There are tips and tactics I have never seen covered anywhere else in this
You get to watch him work and see exactly how he does what he does

Cons of Ray Roman’s Masterclass

Hard to think of a con

Let’s take a deeper look at Ray Roman’s Masterclass and see if it’s a good fit for you.

Who Is Ray Roman?

Ray Roman is a world-class wedding filmmaker that is widely considered one of the top 5 wedding filmmakers in the world.

He focuses on working with high-profile clients, such as NBA stars Chris Bosh and Rip Hamilton, as well as Tyler Perry & Sean Parker. He started out as a police officer who found his passion for filmmaking later in life through editing together home videos.

Here are the benefits you can expect by taking Ray Roman’s Masterclass:

Confidence to shoot all the different scenarios in weddings
Knowledge of how to assign different roles with your wedding filmmaking team
A new mindset that will elevate you to becoming a world-class wedding filmmaker
Inspired to go out and make amazing films

Topics Covered by Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Course

Ray’s Masterclass covers a ton of ground in its 3 hours and 53-minute runtime. Here is a breakdown of what content will be covered:

  • Getting Started
  • The Basics – Gear
  • Bridge and Groom Preps
  • First Look and Candids
  • The Ceremony
  • The Reception
  • Post-Production
  • Destination and Non-Traditional Weddings
  • Business Development and Marketing

Ray Roman’s Master the Moment Course Content Style

What would be the best way to learn about wedding filmmaking?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go on-location with someone, have them explain to us what they are doing and why they are doing it, and get to see how they actually interact with the bride & groom, make-up artist, event planners, and more?

That is exactly what Ray Roman has done in this course.

To start the course off, you will hear Ray’s very inspiring story of how he got started with filmmaking and how he eventually worked his way up to becoming one of the top wedding filmmakers. After that, we are almost entirely on-location with Ray as he walks through the exact process of how he films every aspect of a wedding.

I absolutely loved this structure and was particularly glad that he included the segments of how he interacted with the bride & groom as well as the different vendors. I learned many extremely valuable tips by just seeing and soaking in how Ray asks certain questions and how he gets the bride and groom to pose in natural ways. How do I get the bride and groom to act “natural”? What sorts of things should I say or avoid saying to get the best performances? How should I interact with other vendors? All of these are answered in-depth in the course.

I also want to note that Ray is an incredibly talented educator. He is very entertaining to watch and is excellent at being concise with his presentation while giving you the exact information that you want to know.

The Secrets to Consistently Amazing Wedding Films

What exactly does Ray do to consistently create high-quality weddings every single time he goes out to a wedding? He reveals all his secrets in this course.

The setups provided for all the different shooting scenarios is priceless. Throughout the course, Ray breaks down each of the different set-ups he uses for the ceremony, first-look, reception, and more. He explains how he assigns different roles for his second shooter and assistant to optimize for solid shooting & coverage while also providing tons of flexibility for creativity.

His approach to set-ups and how he assigned filming roles for his teams surprised me in the best way possible. On wedding shoots, I struggle to know when I should be creative and when I should just shoot to capture the shots and his approach takes out all the guesswork. I was pleasantly surprised by how much focus he puts on getting creative shots and his approach to doing it in a way that doesn’t put getting the important moments at risk. It’s very clear that he has experimented with many different setups before finally landing on this system he has taught in the course that will produce consistently great results.

Becoming a World-Class (Wedding) Filmmaker

One of the most valuable takeaways from this course is learning what it takes to become a world-class wedding filmmaker. You may think that it is just your work, connections, or gear that separate you from the next level of filmmaking. But it’s so much more.

And Ray reveals all of what it takes to get to that next level. And these tips are applicable for filmmakers of all types, not just wedding filmmakers.

I particularly enjoyed his advice related to mindset. You get to see what type of thinking you need to have in order to excel at that next level. Ray’s passion for filmmaking is contagious and mindset for being successful is the advice I personally needed to hear as it provides me with a guide to taking my game to the next level.

To support his advice, he includes some amazing interviews with high-end DJs and event planners to figure out the best way to get on their radar and work collaboratively with them. You’ll walk away from these interviews with newfound confidence and understanding of what you can do as a wedding filmmaker to become irresistible to work with.

The final module of the course hits on the business & marketing side of wedding filmmaking in surprising depth. After taking so many marketing, branding, and business courses, I was ready to hear the same tips repeated but just by a different speaker.

This was not the case with Ray’s business module video.

He dives deep into specific tactics he uses to maximize profit for each engagement in a way that the client is happy to pay more. He explains in detail the importance of branding and how he was able to instantly position himself in a new way that people were literally signing up to pay more for. He also goes on to identify the best timing for you to move from low budget, mid-budget, to high budget wedding engagements with very clear parameters.

I haven’t seen these tactics used in other places and will be using all of his recommendations moving forward in my own video business.

The Verdict for Ray Roman’s Wedding Filmmaking Masterclass

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you are a wedding filmmaker of any level, this class is a no-brainer. You will be more confident than ever and film weddings with the same blueprint a world-class filmmaker does. As someone who has taken many wedding filmmaking classes, this one takes the cake as my #1 recommendation, and would actually recommend this to filmmakers of any style.

To top things off, this course is simply a joy to watch.

You can get this course as part of the MZed Pro subscription. With MZed Pro’s library of many other great courses and a money-back guarantee, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Are you ready to become a world-class filmmaker?

Happy learning and I hope this review was helpful for you!

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