Course Creator Pro Review (2021) – The Best Course Creator Course?

Course Creator Pro Review

There has never been a better time to take the skills you know and teach it to an online audience to make money. You know your skill you want to teach inside and out. The problem is you don’t know how to film yourself, you don’t know how to properly structure your course to keep the audience engaged, you don’t know what platform to use, and you don’t know how to actually land sales.

Learn How to Create an Online Course to Sell with Course Creator Pro

Course Creator Pro teaches you research and development, the technical setup, the marketing, the advertising, the video production, and scaling you need to make a full time living as a course creator. For filmmakers, there is another opportunity here. Since you already have the equipment and once you’ve taken this course, you can easily partner or offer course creation services to individuals and businesses, opening up another revenue stream.

Is it worth it?

If you have a skill that others want to learn how to do, then there is no better blueprint to online course success than this one. The videos are of the highest quality, the Facebook group community you get to join is full of supportive people helping you along the way, the curriculum truly covers every step of the process you need to take, and many have already seen their own individual success after taking this.

With a 30-day money-back guarantee, there is no reason not to jump in the course-creating water and see if you can swim.

The team at Course Creator Pro has also created a free training that shows you their process and teaches you exactly how he makes $250,000+ a month in course sales. It is EXTREMELY specific and detailed, more so than you would expect from a free webinar. You can sign up for that free training here.

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You will learn how to develop an online course from beginning to end with this course.

There are some reviews of Course Creator Pro (CCP) already but so much has changed and been added since its initial pre-launch and launch a couple years ago. In this guide, I will evaluate CCP as a whole as well as share my experience of using it, including what I like and don’t like.

Course Creator Pro Review Summary

Course Creator Pro is the definitive course to show future course creators every step they need to take to successfully plan, build, and launch a profitable online school. Parker Walbeck and Dakota Walbeck, the instructors, have proven this blueprint works with their extremely successful Full-Time Filmmaker course. They are constantly looking for new ways to add value to the course and are refreshingly transparent with their knowledge, sharing all their secrets so their students can succeed.

Pros of Course Creator Pro

Incredible library of content with no fluff
Clear and concise teaching
Extremely high production value from their videos
Regular live streams to answer student questions
Facebook group that serves as a support team of content creators
Instructors are very accessible to students
Videos available offline on mobile app
Constantly making new, fresh content, even full courses, that are bundled with your existing purchase

Wishlist for Course Creator Pro

I would love a central catalog of all the courses that people from Course Creator Pro have created so I could look at and buy them. The quality of teaching and overall production value of the courses are incredibly high and it would make it easy to find training for specific topics
It would be interesting to see a team of “certified course creator pros” that you could hire & pay to help you with the different parts of the course creation process, like research and development or even accountability. Working with someone directly who has already seen success would be something I would happily pay for.

Now, let’s take a deeper look into Course Creator Pro and see what they have to offer and if it is the right solution for you. For your convenience, use the table of contents to navigate to different sections of the review.

What is Course Creator Pro?

The makers of Full Time Filmmaker come at you with an extremely valuable offering. Course Creator Pro is an online course that teaches you how to make online courses (yes, very meta). But, it’s actually so much more than that.

Course Creator Pro shows you, step-by-step, how to successfully plan, build, launch, and grow your online course. This includes testing to see if your idea will actually sell, learning the backend details of setting up an LLC and the necessary software and equipment you’ll need, recommending equipment for filming setups, educating on how to best teach (meta again), and how to finally launch and get more sales to come in.

So, in short, the main idea is that, after you watch this course, you’ll know exactly what to do, step-by-step, to launch a profitable online course. All you need to do is bring the skills and the passion to teach.

Here are benefits you can expect with Course Creator Pro:

Go full time as a course creator
Meet course creators and learn from them
Get feedback from other course creators that have already seen success
Learn the skills to sell course creation services
Build a new revenue stream
Master Facebook ads and YouTube Ads
Learn from a structured, all-in-one course system

Courses and Modules Offered by Course Creator Pro

As you can see, the topics include:

  • Research and Development (Test your idea to make sure it’ll sell)
  • Infrastructure (The optimal setup of course creation platform, email list, social media, affiliate, website, etc.)
  • Marketing (How to make, structure, and strategize an effective webinar)
  • Advertising (How to do Facebook Ads as well as YouTube ads)
  • Scaling (How to adjust ad spend, strategy, and other tactics to maximize your return on investment

Course Content Style for Course Creator Pro

Parker Walbeck and Dakota Walbeck (brothers) are the two main instructors of Course Creator Pro. If you have ever seen a video from Parker Walbeck on his Full Time Filmmaker channel or course, you know you are going to get a super engaging, no-fluff, educational, and value-packed video. This is no different in Course Creator Pro.

His brother, Dakota Walbeck, presents the information very well too, adding in his own style which is a nice balance with Parker’s.

A typical video, as you can see above, is hyper-focused on one specific topic, which makes finding a lesson you need to watch or watch again very easy. The course is set up in chronological order, with the videos at the beginning including what you should do at the beginning of the course creation process, and the videos later coming later in the process.

Notably, the Course Creator Pro team did something very cool with this course. They did live-testing of this course’s tactics and included them as lessons in this course. In other words, when showing you how to do Facebook ads, they will show you how they set it up, the problems they ran into, and how they overcame them to get a successful ROI. I really enjoyed these types of videos because it shows not only that what they do works but also that the aren’t afraid to show you what they actually do to get sales. And, I think this is a great theme of the course as a whole – the Course Creator Pro team is incredibly transparent with every step of their process and will share nearly anything if it means it will help their students succeed.

Finally, A facebook group worth joining

The Facebook group for Course Creator Pro is a purple cow. Creating a Facebook community that is positive, uplifting, encouraging, helpful, educational, entertaining, and valuable is something I’m convinced can only be done if your last name is Walbeck. “Private Facebook Group” used to be the easy bonus to add to the value stack to simply help secure the sale with “incredible value”. But, this is next-level Facebook group stuff going on here.

Why is it so good? If you run into a question about the course, someone will help you. Run into a problem with your Facebook ads? An ad expert will pop into the conversation with helpful tips. Run into a question about your course idea and wanted some feedback? Your post will be full of useful comments. Being a course creator can be a very lonely journey. But, this Facebook group is the closest (and best) way to join like-minded individuals that all want to help each other succeed on their course-creating journey. It is a perk worth mentioning and incredibly valuable.

Note: I don’t interact much in Facebook groups. It’s just not something I do. But, I still love reading through the comments and learning from what others are asking and learning from the knowledge of others. There’s definitely a little something for everyone.

New Content Released Regularly

Course Creator Pro comes with lifetime access to all future content. And yes, they actually do make new content.

For example, when they first launched, the main module for advertising was on Facebook ads. Now, there is a complete section also dedicated to YouTube ads, which has been an incredibly successful advertising tactic for certain course niches (from what I’ve read from other students). The course is already full of amazing content already with no signs of it slowing down, with updates of new offerings (available for free to students) including group coaching calls, accountability groups, and more tips on creating videos that sell.

The verdict

Rating: 5 out of 5.

If you have ever dreamed of making a living teaching online, there is no better course than Course Creator Pro. The instructors have proven their process works with their successful launch of Full Time Filmmaker and the incredible volume of student success stories only further reinforce the power of this blueprint. Additionally, for filmmakers or videographers, this course could easily serve as the education you need to sell course creation services, helping those with skills plan, film, and launch their course.

Finally, with their 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always give it a try and, if it isn’t a good fit, ask for a refund.

The only question that remains is: are you ready to be a course creator pro?

Sign up for Course Creator Pro’s free webinar on the Top 10 Secrets to Making 7 Figures Selling Online Courses by clicking here.

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