YouTube Starter Kit Review (2023) – My Honest Opinion

This is a review of the YouTube Starter Kit by Sean Cannell.

  • Is the YouTube Starter Kit worth it?
  • What exactly do you get with your purchase?
  • Should you invest in Video Ranking Academy after buying this?

I’ll get right to it: The YouTube Starter Kit is great for what it is.

Essentially, you get a few swipe files full of ideas and a few guides that will help you get started. However, most people would benefit more from a full course that gives them a step-by-step guide on how to do YouTube from zero – and that’s where I would recommend Erika’s course.

Recommended Alternative – Mastering YouTube

The YouTube Starter Kit is nice for the price. But, if you want a full program that will show you how to go from $0 to $100,000 on YouTube, I highly recommend Erika Kullberg’s course.

Erika has also created a free YouTube guide that shows how she went from $0 to making over $100,000 on YouTube in less than a year. If you want to download that guide, you can click here.

YouTube Starter Kit: Verdict

Best YouTuber Swipe File for Growing YouTubers

YouTube Starter Kit is a strong swipe file full of valuable information. The resources are well-made and are great references. Though, most people that would be interested in this starter kit would likely benefit more from a full course like Erika Kullberg’s course Mastering YouTube.

Pros of the YouTube Starter Kit

Course platform is easy to navigate and well structured
Downloadable materials are well designed
The price is great for what you get

Cons of the YouTube Starter Kit

Somewhat expensive for what you get

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into the YouTube Starter Kit can see if it’s a good fit for you.

What is the YouTube Starter Kit and Who is Sean Cannell?

The YouTube Starter Kit is a digital product created by Sean Cannell and the Think Media team. In short, it answers the question: “If I were to get started on YouTube, what all do I need to know?”

Sean Cannell is a YouTuber who (literally) wrote the book on YouTube Success and is a practitioner of what he teaches. If you follow his YouTube channel, you know he is a very laid back, educational, witty presenter with positive vibes and strong communication skills.

Topics Covered in the YouTube Starter Kit

The YouTube Starter Kit includes a number of extremely useful downloadables. These include:

  • The YouTube Clarity Blueprint
  • 15 Best YouTube Title Formulas for Getting Views
  • 51 Video Ideas to Jumpstart Your Channel
  • 51 Money Making Video Ideas Guide
  • Best Cameras, Video Equipment, and Software Resource List
  • How to Create Awesome YouTube Thumbnails Training

How useful are these, though?

To be honest… I was delightfully surprised by how useful these were.

All of the downloadables delivered on the premise of their titles. The 51 video ideas are all surprisingly great. The title formulas are extremely useful and make thinking of ideas or writing titles much easier. The money-making ideas are also very strong with no fluff. For someone looking to get started, or even me who I consider being a little more well-versed in online money-making and marketing, there is a lot to be impressed by here.

How is the product Delivered?

The YouTube Starter Kit is hosted on the platform Kajabi, which is one of my favorite learning platforms. Each of the different downloadables has a video to give you an introduction to that product as well as supply the link to download the PDF. The description underneath the video also provides additional helpful information and action items for you to follow.

The videos are short and succinct and provide the right amount of introduction to the PDFs. The structure, especially for the price, is exactly what ie needs to be – short & sweet while providing easy access to all the materials and instructions on how to use it.

What’s the Upsell?

As consumers, we are getting increasingly aware of the upsells typically wired into online products. Personally, I don’t think upsells are inherently a bad thing but can definitely be negative if the content is purposefully gated behind an upsell or if the upsells are too aggressive and distracting from the learning experience of the product actually purchased.

So, how’s the upsell situation with the YouTube Starter Kit?

The YouTube Starter Kit is a solid standalone product and I truly believe there is nothing held back from it. If you read their sales page and what they promise, they deliver exactly that and do so very well.

Yes, Sean Cannell has other courses available and his flagship Video Ranking Academy course is the biggest purchase you can make at his store. But, the team has done a great job not letting their other offerings get in the way of the product purchased. Instead, for those that have maximized the value from the YouTube Starter Kit and have begun seeing results, they can naturally progress to the next product (if they want) from Sean Cannell and keep on seeing results.

In my opinion, this is exactly how the process should work. Well done!

The Verdict for The YouTube Starter Kit

I can confidently recommend the YouTube Starter Kit for those looking to get ideas on the topics covered. Want video ideas? Money-making ideas? Titles? The YouTube Starter Kit has you covered.

Though, if you do want the best YouTube course available to take you step-by-step from zero to full time, take a look at Erika’s course.

I hope this review was helpful to you and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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